How to Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Luxury Sea Exploration. If a marine safari aboard a private yacht in Indonesia’s Coral Triangle has never crossed your mind as the ultimate family or friend getaway, start dreaming with us. An exclusive luxury cruise on Sequoia, a modern take on the classic wooden yacht, is the absolute best way to explore this stunning region of the world. You’re untethered and free to venture where and when you want in absolute comfort. You can even get PADI certified! Read on to discover why a safari aboard Sequoia is the custom-tailored cruise of your dreams.

The Wild Raja Ampat Safari by Sequoia ©Coral Triangle Safaris

The Coral Triangle: an Underwater Wonderland

This roughly triangular region of the world covers only 1.6% of the planet’s oceanic area. Yet it’s a mecca of biodiversity. The Coral Triangle is comprised of 600 species of coral, more than 3000 species of fish, and six of the world’s seven species of marine turtles (swoon!). If you’re looking for the Shangri-La of marine destinations, this is it.

Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia)

You’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world that even comes close to Raja Ampat. This lush, vibrant archipelago is made up of over 1,500 islands, cays, and shoals. Home to 75% of all known coral species in the world, Raja Ampat is known as the “Amazon of the Sea” and was recently named the #1 snorkeling destination on the planet by CNN Travel.

How to Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Luxury Sea Exploration, Diver
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The waters here are an embarrassment of riches. And while this region of the Coral Triangle is widely regarded as one of the most stunning marine adventure destinations on Earth, you don’t need any advanced skills or fancy equipment to relish its abundant beauty. With nothing more than a snorkel and fins, you can swim alongside manta rays, sharks, stingless jellyfish, giant bumphead parrotfish, colorful soft coral, and thousands of reef fish. Travelers of virtually every age and level of ability can jump right in and enjoy the spectacle.

How to Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Luxury Sea Exploration, Shark
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Avid divers and marine scientists have been visiting Raja Ampat for years. But thanks, in part, to the logistical challenges of actually getting to this remote and vast region with underdeveloped infrastructure, there have been few options for tourists.

Thankfully, a handful of industrious trailblazers have provided a beautiful alternative to staying in one remote location: the luxury yacht. And Sequoia, from Coral Triangle Safaris, is the ultimate vessel for your explorations.

Cruising on Sequoia

Exceptional Access and Comfort

In choosing a yacht like Sequoia for your safari, you’re guaranteed the comfort and amenities of a luxury lodge with the anchors-up access only a sailing vessel can provide.

How to Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Luxury Sea Exploration
©Coral Triangle Safaris

Take in a different horizon every morning, visiting the most thrilling dive sites and the most pristine beaches, accessible only by sea.

Bespoke, All-Inclusive Itineraries

As with all Extraordinary Journeys safaris, no two itineraries on Sequoia are the same. Your experience aboard your home at sea is fully customizable to your preferences. And with a first-rate crew of 10, your every need is catered to.

Want to take more time in a specific destination? No problem.

Feel like putting down anchor near a tiny, remote island one day, then venturing farther out to sea the next? That can be accommodated.

What’s even more delightful about your bespoke journey aboard Sequoia is that it’s all-inclusive. No tipping. No hidden charges. It even includes PADI dive courses up to advanced open water with documented certification. PADI training is available to children as young as 8 years old.

Here’s another of our favorite perks: after a long day of sun-soaked adventures, there’s a masseur on board to help you unwind and relax before a blissful night’s sleep.

Exquisite Design, Uncompromising Safety

How to Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Luxury Sea Exploration, Coral Reef
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Completed in 2017, Sequoia blends the beauty of traditional Indonesian design with a decidedly modern element of sophistication and comfort. This handcrafted luxury yacht was designed as an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations. Utilizing traditional Indonesian Bugis boat construction, Sequoia is comprised of both ironwood and teak.

And with state-of-the-art American engineering to make it all run like a dream, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. In fact, Sequoia was built in accordance with the highest marine safety standards in the world: USCG and ABCY.

Absolute Privacy

With accommodations for up to six passengers in three cabins, you’re guaranteed unparalleled privacy on Sequoia, something you might not always get on land.

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This extraordinarily comfortable vessel features three deluxe bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a spacious great room, a sky deck perfect for taking in the views, and a gourmet kitchen.

Adventures on Land

How to Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Luxury Sea Exploration
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Raja Ampat is home to a host of thrilling adventures besides snorkeling and diving. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Explore lagoons and observe an array of birds and jungle flora.
  • Trek across secluded, pristine beaches and sandbanks.
  • Settle down in the shade for a waterfront picnic.
  • Watch for baby sharks and baby turtles near the ocean’s edge.
  • Kayak the crystal clear waters surrounding the Blue Water Mangroves.
  • Hike any one of hundreds of the islands’ peaks, many of them karsts.
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Who Should Cruise on Sequoia?

With its intimate accommodations and exceptional comfort, Sequoia is perfect for small groups of friends, a family with kids, honeymooners, or even a small buddymoon group!

If you’re looking for a way to explore a remote, off-the-beaten-path ocean wonderland, we can’t think of a better choice than Raja Ampat and Sequoia.

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When to Go

Sequoia is yours to explore Raja Ampat for any duration between one week and a full month. With over 600 islands, you’re spoiled for choice. And thanks to Indonesia’s position at the equator, it’s summer weather year-round here. Temperatures vary between 72 and 92 degrees.

The best time to visit Raja Ampat is from November to March when the sea is calm and visibility is at its best. While this is the monsoon season for western and central Indonesia, it’s Raja Ampat’s dry season. Given the tropical climate, though, you’re guaranteed some amount of rain each day. That’s the trade-off for the lush jungle landscapes that are yours to explore when you feel like a jaunt on solid ground!

How to Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Luxury Sea Exploration, Boating
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Simply Perfect

Whether you’re an avid diver or a casual snorkeler, there’s something for everyone aboard Sequoia. It’s the perfect combination of luxury and adventure, and as far as we’re concerned, the location can’t be beat in terms of spectacular marine life.

Stay a week or stay a month. We’ll work with Coral Triangle Safaris to design the perfect yachting safari for you, whatever your preferences.

How to Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Luxury Sea Exploration

©Coral Triangle Safaris

Cost 2019

1-2 persons: $7,260 per night

3-4 persons: $8,470 per night

5-6 persons: $9,680 per night

Plan Your Trip

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Then, start packing that suitcase because we’ve got all the details covered.

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