Safari Photo Contest Winners!

The votes are in and we’ve selected the winners for our first photo contest! And it wasn’t easy! In fact, we had to add a few more categories (Birds, Cute, and Humor; in addition to Wildlife, Culture, and Landscape) so we could have more winners. The amazing photography goes far beyond our winners and runners up so we had to take this opportunity to showcase a few more of the top notch submissions we’ve received. We hope you enjoyed reliving your safari memories and are inspired to make more memories with us on your next trip!

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


Wildlife Category: Rick Hunter and David Bernstein (It’s a tie!)

Landscape Category: Margy Cowgill

Culture Category: Julian Master

Birds Category: Jon Grief

Cute Category: Amber Berry

Humor Category: Shelly Guzman

Runners Up

Landscape Category: Karen Verdura

Culture Category: Sam Shelhorse and Mike Golub

Birds Category: David Bernstein

Cute Category: Ali Calamari

Humor Category: Brinley Shaw

Staff Favorites

Candace Jacobson

David Bernstein

Robert Schoen

Agnieszka Warenica

Danielle McCluskey and Dean Schink