Set in Zambia’s far western region, Liuwa Plains is a remote landscape characterized by seasonal flooding and abundant wildlife. Gone are the crowds of the well-traveled national parks. The area is comprised of grassy floodplains, small wooded islands, raffia palm clusters and open pans. Appreciate the golden hour of sunset as the colors change over these sweeping expanses – an indelible part of the magic of Liuwa Plains. In many ways, the landscape is as dynamic as the wildlife that calls this region home.

Explore Liuwa Plains on traditional game drives and/or bush walks. Host to Africa’s second largest migration, this vast area is chockfull of herds of wildebeest. Hyenas here sometimes hunt in groups of as many as fifty. More plains game include red lechwe, tsessebe and resident lion prides. For the traveler interested in experiencing the African wilderness at its most remote, Liuwa Plains is the ultimate travel destination. That said, for a less seasoned safari-goer, the park can be too “off the beaten path” and the logistics, specifically regarding transportation, can be more complicated.

While the real highlight is the wildlife, this area is also steeped in age-old traditions of the Lozi people, who take their name from the local word for plains. Their culture is centered around the mighty Zambezi River. Break from wildlife sightings to learn about the annual Kuomboka river festival as well as other unique cultural practices. Although the national government manages the park, the local people maintain rights to utilize areas for grazing, harvesting crops and fishing.

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