Ninian Lowis

Ninian Lowis, one of East Africa’s best private guides, has more than 22 years of experience as a professional guide and a family history in Kenya that extends back to the 1920s. The son of Robert Lowis, one of East Africa’s most respected guides, and Yasuyo Lowis, a Japanese writer, he spent much of his boyhood in wild and remote areas. His upbringing gave him a lifelong interest in wildlife, an encyclopedic knowledge of the bush and an infectious love for Africa. His work with Dr Meave Leakey instilled a lasting interest in paleoanthropology and human evolution. With help from his wife Lara Leakey Lowis (of the venerable Leakey family, with its own history in East Africa dating back to the 1890s) Ninian has led boat trips up the Omo River in southern Ethiopia, taken groups to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, tracked gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda and Uganda, and guided guests in numerous southern and Eastern African countries.