Julie Church - Marine Guide

Julie Church is a pioneer in marine/environmental social entrepreneurship, a marine guide, conservationist, researcher and reviewer of small to large ocean-related projects, avid sustainability innovator, strategic adviser and passionate about the ocean.
Julie has created and led entrepreneurial solutions related to marine debris (founder and former CEO of Ocean Sole – the Flipflop Recycling company), galvanised awareness and inspired to implement a sustainable business approach.
Julie spent 5 years leading the WWF – KWS Kiunga conservation and development project & championed 5 initiatives – fisheries, species of special concern (turtles and dugongs), habitats/ecosystem research (coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds), education & the eco-friendly project, which evolved into Ocean Sole. She founded Kibodo for the wider Kiunga, Boni, Dodori area which has subsequently become Northern Rangelands Trust work.
Through recent consultancies she has co-reviewed the Indo-Pacific GEF/UNEP Dugong and Seagrass project; coordinated new structures and systems for small to medium businesses in Kenya, advised on the establishment of a ‘trade-based’ entrepreneurial solution to supporting elephant and broader wildlife conservation, and is leading the development of an ocean education toolkit for communities in Kwale, Kenya.
She is on the board or an affiliate to marine/conservation and inspirational initiatives including CORDIO (research and monitoring); Flipflopi project (Flipflop dhow) and Ocean Sole Foundation.
Much of her creative, inspirational work has been described and captured in awards won with Ocean Sole including: BBC 2008 finalist; National Energy Globe award for sustainability 2010 and Real Leaders 2018.