Andrea Guerra

Andrea Guerra is a leading private guide and pilot. Andrea started flying in Eastern Australia where he was working as a dive-master and … to put it in his own words “when your first flight as licensed private pilot is over the Great Barrier Reef, it is hard to see your career as an airline pilot at 37 000 feet!” With a university background in natural sciences he then decided to devote his time to flying and travelling – and now spends over 200 days a year flying. Andrea guides flying safaris across Africa, he has flown the Cape to Cairo route with guests on several occasions and specializes in flying safaris over Namibia. Namibia is the perfect location for a flying safari, with enormous distances to cover, remote areas with limited road access, small lodges and tented camps with private landing strips, stunning landscapes and uncrowded skies. An avid photographer, Andrea knows just how to fly clients so that they can maximize their photographic opportunities. We asked Andrea to tell us more about his experiences as a private guide.