The Gift that Keeps on Giving

We believe travel is the most wonderful gift that we can give to ourselves and our loved ones. Those memories never break, wear out or go out of style and the knowledge and shift in viewpoint that we gain stay with us forever. Those happy memories and photos can be brought out and savored at any time… even years from now.

Read on to discover why with us, the gift of travel is like a pebble in a lake that just keeps expanding to bigger and bigger circles of recipients.

Paying it Forward: Prioritizing Generous Partners

Conserving community and tradition, while giving the experience of a lifetime, is our priority.

Our mission is to deliver world-class safari experiences while maintaining an unrivaled commitment to conservation and community. We care about you, and we care about the countries where we operate.

For that reason, we leverage our resources, and yours, to ensure that your travel makes a positive impact on the communities, environments, and wildlife you encounter. We do this by utilizing camps, lodges, operators, and suppliers that share our values. A commitment to stewardship and generosity should be inherent in everything they do.

That’s why they make the cut with us. They speak our language.

Because community and conservation are practically the central nervous system of these like-minded partnerships, it’s no surprise that we’re able to deliver opportunities that consistently exceed every expectation.

In fact, we’ve found that you can have an amazing, fun-filled adventure and make an impact! The camps and properties that do exceptional work in their own communities are precisely the ones where our travelers have the most fun. Those partners perfectly merge travel with meaning and purpose, and you can feel the difference!

Giving as a Reflex

Elizabeth and Marcia visiting the Kenya Orphanage.

Our commitment to giving isn’t mere lip service. It’s a natural expression of our love for the places where we operate.

In 2018, we gave to organizations making a difference in Africa and around the world. And we have you to thank because a portion of each booking is earmarked for our “give-back” fund. The more you travel, the more we give.

Thanks to your partnership, this year we contributed to one orphanage and six organizations that use novel approaches to providing quality education to the most remote areas of Africa through parental involvement, e-learning, Children in the Wilderness programs, and libraries.

Seven other organizations promote conservation by working closely with people heavily impacted by wildlife in communities that–willingly or not–share their farms and ranches with wildlife that can be terribly destructive.

Here are the organizations that Extraordinary Journeys supported this year. Click on the name of the organization to learn more about their mission and successes.

Plan Your Visit

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Then, start packing that suitcase because we’ve got all the details covered.