Our superstar ocean guide, Hanli Prinsloo, was recently featured in a Shape Magazine article about learning how to free dive in Cape Town, South Africa. The writer, who is a self-described “antsy, type-A New Yorker,” proved that no skills, other than knowing how to swim, are required to take the plunge—not even being calm by nature.

Here’s where Prinsloo really shines. She’s a pro at getting even the most nervous folks to ease into this seemingly daunting activity and enjoy the beauty of marine life in a single breathless dive.

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Everything’s A-OK under the sea with Hanli. ©IAW Ocean Travel

During Prinsloo’s 24 hours with the writer, she took her to one of Cape Town’s best-kept secrets: Windmill Beach in Kalk Bay, a private, scenic section of False Bay, which includes Boulders Beach, where super cute South African penguins chill. There, the co-founder of I AM WATER Ocean Travel taught the writer the proper breath-holding techniques for freediving through yoga, breath meditation, and science. The results were remarkable, especially considering how little time they had together!

Read the article How Freediving In the Ocean Taught Me to Slow Down and Manage Stress in Shape Magazine to get a complete account of this magnificent marine experience. Or talk to one of our specialists regarding this particular I AM WATER Ocean Travel trip, or others around the globe, as EJ is its exclusive U.S. tour operator.

Writer Cristina Goyanes diving in Cape Town’s kelp forests. ©IAW Ocean Travel

Also, keep in mind, this is the perfect add-on beach adventure to any safari in South Africa. With Kruger National Park a short flight away, you can easily cross both game viewing and freediving off your bucket list in one fell swoop.


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Banner photo ©I Am Water Ocean Foundation/ Peter Marshall