COVID protocols for traveling to Namibia

  1. All tourists must have a negative PCR result not older than 72 hours before boarding their flight to Namibia.
  2.  It must be conducted by a recognized laboratory and translated into English.
  3. Tourists must complete an epidemiological questionnaire to be submitted together with a full travel itinerary to health staff on the ground at the airport. The forms can be obtained at
  4. Tourists must have travel insurance which covers medical expenses and unexpected hotel stays in case of isolation.  
  5. Upon arrival tourists may proceed to the pre-booked destination and engage in the planned daily tourist activities at the establishment for the number of days the tourist is staying there.
  6. If a person becomes symptomatic while in the country, they need to get tested and if positive, will need to enter into quarantine along with their close contacts.
  7. All persons including tourists will be expected to follow health regulations like mandatory wearing of masks, avoiding unnecessary gatherings, maintaining social distancing and practising good hygiene