White Pearl

White Pearl Resorts, is situated on a private magnificent white sandy beach in southern Mozambique. The beach is really wild; on one side are lush green hills and in front of you are crashing ocean waves. The beach goes on for miles and you can walk forever.

White Pearl Resorts is comprised of 22 individual suites, each with their own butler, plunge pool, outdoor shower, and stunning ocean views. The main area offers a chic restaurant, lounge, bar and large rim-flow swimming pool. The food is delicious and the main spaces are all beautiful; very polished with great decoration. Each suite is identical in terms of look and size; the only difference being location. Villas 1-6 have beach access and these, along with the rooms at the very top of the property, are the most private. The top row of villas also offers some breathtaking views over the oceans and mountains. They are a bit steep to access but there are golf carts that can take you back to your room.

We love that you can hear the sound of the crashing waves from everywhere at the resort. That being said, the ocean in front of White Pearl is not water that you can just go out and take a dip in as the waves can be quite big. The resort offers snorkeling and diving trips and there are resident whale sharks and dolphin pods in the area. White Pearl now also offers horseback riding and trips to explore the local area so there is plenty to keep you occupied.

The basic takeaway for travelers considering White Pearl is that it is not as small and intimate as some of the other properties we love in Mozambique but it is still a lovely setting with great food and comfortable polished rooms, all of which make it excellent value for money.