Victoria Falls Hotel

Dating back to 1904, Victoria Falls Hotel is the oldest hotel in Victoria Falls with the most prime location. It offers views of the Zambezi River and you can see the spray from the Falls when the water levels are high. The hotel has a grand colonial feel and even if you choose not to stay here, we recommend visiting for high tea as it is truly an experience. The grounds are beautiful with manicured lawns and garden (where you often spot zebra!) and elegant common areas.

The rooms of Victoria Falls Hotel can vary quite a bit. We like the rooms in the Deluxe Stable Wing, as they are all gorgeous, big, and consistent. The other standard suites, however, vary in size and amenities so we tend to stay away from these. With prime location and a unique splendor, we recommend Victoria Falls Hotel as a special experience for guests.

In this area you can do all sorts of activities from a relaxing canoe ride on the river to a peaceful sunset cruise, or get your heart racing with an exciting elephant back experience or bungee jumping! And if you want to see the falls from an incredibly breathtaking perspective, try a microlight or helicopter ride.

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