Tanusas Hotel and surrounding villas are situated directly on the beach, looking out over the stunning Pacific Ocean. Situated among the most beautiful beaches in Ecuador, Tanusas is designed to immerse you in our Pacific Coast world. Their mission is to create a true sense of place, celebrating their unexpected and surprising coastal world: its culture, nature, history, food and people. They have created multi-day journeys through experiential immersions of the beach, forests, ocean, coastal villages, and beyond, all threaded with human connections.

The accommodation offers comfortable rooms in the main house overlooking the ocean, as well as individual rooms and whole villas around the property, all nestled amongst the lush surroundings with their own private pool and unique views. Their cuisine is a huge draw to the region, and they have access to the freshest produce from local farms — as well as ingredients from further up in the Andes. Manabí Province is justly feted for its gastronomic wonders, with a vast and delightful cornucopia of fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood — all available year-round thanks to their location on the Equator. The province is particularly famous for its fish, crab, green plantains, ripe plantains, manioc, peanuts, lemons and coconuts. Fresh and responsibly sourced, they bring you closer to our culture and nature with every dish, through every ingredient. 

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