Snow Leopard Lodge

Perched at 12,000 feet at the head of a Himalayan valley, the Snow Leopard Lodge in Mangyu offers a rare private wildlife experience in the heart of some of Ladakh’s finest snow leopard habitat. The intimate accommodation is truly a place to disconnect, without access to TV or Wi-Fi. Inspired by a rural village homestay, the small lodge was created as way to leverage conservation-focused travel to protect endangered snow leopards and their ecosystem. We have exclusive use of the lodge during our stay, placing tourism dollars directly into a community on the front lines of local snow leopard conservation. The lodge provides an optimal base from which to search for snow leopards and other high-altitude Himalayan wildlife while staying in comfort in a rugged setting that is sometimes intensely cold.

Built in traditional Ladakhi architectural style, this simple and inviting five-room lodge features 24-hour electric heat, excellent meals and luxuries like real coffee, comfortable warm beds (including a hot water bottle tucked between your sheets each night), and attached private bathrooms with eco-conscious Western toilets and washing facilities. Hot water is available on demand for bucket showers in your private tiled bathroom. Cozy sitting areas overlook Mangyu’s hilly landscape that provides high summer pasture for yak and dzo, a cow-yak hybrid. All meals are homemade and offer a mix of Ladakhi, Indian and Continental cuisine served in a communal dining room. The lodge is part of a collaborative effort with the Snow Leopard Conservancy, and its presence helps preserve habitat for local wildlife including ibex, urial, bharal, wolf, Himalayan fox, bearded vultures, Himalayan griffon vultures and golden eagles, along with its namesake, the snow leopard. Our hosts are among the area’s finest local naturalists and snow leopard trackers.