Palacio Astoreca

The Palacio Astoreca Hotel is set in the core of the historical city center in Valparaiso, overlooking the bay. It is in Cerro Alegre, just steps from the famous Paseo Yugoslavo, the Fine Arts Museum and the Barburizza Palace.

This boutique hotel features 23 guest rooms, a spa, a restaurant, a wine cellar, a bar, and a library. It is housed in two buildings: the palace, a completely restored national monument; and an older house, whose original façade has been conserved. Both buildings have thus recovered the style and elegance that was lost over time.

We really like Palacio Astoreca, and Valparaiso in general, as an alternative to Santiago. Many luxury Chile itineraries that include Torres Del Paine, the Atacama Desert, and other regions can require multiple overnights in Santiago to make the flights work. It is nice to head to Valparaiso, only an hour and a half from Santiago, for a change of pace on one of those nights.

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