Kontiki Expeditions Cruise

Kontiki Expeditions offers a unique and unforgettable boutique yacht cruise experience along the isolated coast of Ecuador. Setting sail aboard the Kontiki Wayra, a meticulously renovated ship, guests embark on a journey filled with wellness, discovery, and unparalleled comfort. The vessel transforms into a temple of relaxation and exploration, unveiling uncharted coastal wonders while providing meticulous attention to detail, beauty, and serenity.

The nine staterooms on board are designed with a contemporary flair and the finest materials, ensuring maximum comfort and a seamless connection with the stunning natural surroundings. From the panoramic views accessible from every corner to the thoughtful design elements such as wooden floors, plush beds, and beautiful bathrooms, the staterooms exude a sense of “neo-luxury.” Guests can unwind in a welcoming space equipped with a private library, organic local snacks, and a selection of natural personal care items. Kontiki Expeditions also offers a range of activities, from water sports like kayaking and snorkeling to wellness experiences like yoga classes, spa treatments, and a serene whirlpool with coastal views. Outdoor areas, including the Organic Bar and Jacuzzi, provide ample opportunities to connect with nature and fellow travelers. Culinary enthusiasts will delight in the farm-to-table and dock-to-table dining experiences, featuring sustainably sourced, locally inspired cuisine, and a tasting of the world’s rarest chocolate, To’ak, aged to perfection. Kontiki Expeditions is redefining luxury cruising by blending indulgence with eco-consciousness, making it the ultimate way to explore Ecuador’s stunning coastline.

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