King Lewanika Lodge

King Lewanika Lodge is the premier accommodation in Liuwa Plains National Park, a rich floodplain bounded by rivers in the western part of Zambia. This area is home to the second largest wildebeest migration, as well as wild dogs, spotted hyenas, lions, zebras and much more. In addition, Liuwa Plain was once the royal hunting grounds of the Lozi peoples. As a serious wildlife destination with significant cultural heritage and remote, dramatic landscapes, Liuwa Plain raises the bar for King Lewanika Lodge to match its reputation…and King Lewanika unquestionably rises to the occasion.

Designed by the same team who brought you Chinzombo, North Island, and Mombo Camp, this lodge is the best of the best. King Lewanika is a classic safari lodge, with canvas drops, indoor and outdoor showers, expansive viewing decks, and stylish leather, cotton, and vintage trappings throughout. But the clean lines and playful accents add a more contemporary touch. The six platform-raised luxury villas can host up to 15 people, but the lodge’s remote and wild setting ensures a smaller and more intimate feel, away from the crowds of better-known parks.

The limited Wi-Fi and poor cell reception might be too much for some people, but the technological disconnect really enhances the experience and immersion in the safari lifestyle. Unplug and unwind in the incredible natural sights and sounds of the bush.

We consider King Lewanika Lodge one of the best luxury safari lodges in Zambia.

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King Lewanika Lodge

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