Kasbah du Toubkal

Kasbah du Toubkal, is the base for trekking in the Atlas Mountains and offers a very authentic experience. There is a huge emphasis on hiking. When you arrive in Imlil, a guide meets you and loads your luggage on a mule. It is a 15 min walk to the Kasbah set on a hilltop 300 ft above. It’s quite fun and exciting to arrive to your Kasbah in the dark on a mule! This is perfect for an experiential traveler.

The rooms are comfortable and the bathrooms have nice, big bathtubs. The food is homey and fabulous and exactly what you would expect from a mountain retreat… It is a Berber hospitality center and is very eco-friendly. Kasbah du Toukbal is perfect for people looking for an authentic experience and wanting to feel connected to the area. It has a lot of soul!