Hotel Jackson

Settle in to Hotel Jackson, where unique Western heritage is celebrated and guests are provided with every modern luxury and unparalleled service. The hotel is at the heart of Jackson Hole, merely steps away from the shops, galleries, restaurants, and famous elk-antler arches of the town square. Hotel Jackson has been owned and operated by the same family for four decades who have perfected the art of a contemporary retelling of the Old West. The hotel aims to be a meeting place for nature, the soul, and luxury at the doorstep of one of America’s greatest natural beauties.

Hotel Jackson features 55 guest rooms with a range of views an amenities, including private terraces and fireplaces, taking views, multi-room suites and secluded outdoor spaces. The hotel also is home to award-winning Mediterranean restaurant FIGS, paying an homage to the hotel owner’s heritage. During your stay, explore a variety of activities that range season-by-season, from paragliding to hikes, wildlife safaris, a shooting experience, whitewater rafting and more in the summer to skiing, dogsledding, snowmobiling and private flights in the winter.


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