Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe

Head to the Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe for your next authentic southwest city escape. Chimayo is tucked away in the heart of downtown Santa Fe, merely steps away from the city’s historic plaza. The hotel, inspired by over four centuries of artistic tradition, invites guests to celebrate the history of the ancient Village of Chimayo and explore all that Santa Fe has to offer.

The hotel features 56 boutique guest rooms, each decorated in uniquely Southwestern style to celebrate the Chimayo’s unique heritage. Some rooms feature wood burning fireplaces, others private balconies, and others spacious living areas. Guest-rooms are offered in a range of sizes, with suite options making the place a perfect landing pad for families or groups. During your stay, dive deep into the history of the surrounding city, or journey thirty minutes past orchards and rolling hills to the village of Chimayo, which is home to the renowned Santuario de Chimayo pilgrimage church and other sacred sites, as well as renowned craftspeople and incredible northern New Mexican cuisine. Embark on a guided tour beyond the city limits for a hot air balloon ride, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or river rafting, or cruise through Santa Fe’s streets in an authentic lowrider.


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Food and Wine, Whitewater Rafting, Historical Site Visits, Hiking and Climbing