Gorges Lodge

Gorges Lodge teeters on the edge of the Batoka Gorge with the rushing Zambezi River more than 800 feet below. The views from the lodge are truly breathtaking. Overlooking the gorge sits 10 stone and thatch single or double-story cottages with homey décor and a warm, friendly ambiance. The entire lodge really incorporates their exceptional setting and views into each structure. Each cottage’s private terrace is bright and breezy and provides excellent views of the gorge, as do the open-concept dining area, bar, and lounge. We also love their pool.

A local guide is available to take you on hikes of varying lengths around the gorge which makes for a really fun and active way to explore the region. The twice-daily shuttles to Victoria Falls are about 30-minutes each way and are a bit far if you’re only staying for one night, but if you’re staying for longer and are seeking some seclusion and tranquility, Gorges is great. Gorges also does a good job of providing cultural experiences for their guests. Guests are welcome to visit one of the nearby villages and join some of the daily traditional activities and every once in a while Gorges invites local villagers to come and do their traditional Tonga dancing.

Gorges Lodge is a family-run operation, making it feel quaint, welcoming, and gives it a quirky flair. It’s perfect for families and those who are interested in a social and laid-back experience, but those with very high-end taste might be slightly disappointed.