Coral Lodge Mozambique

Coral Lodge Mozambique in northern Mozambique sits at the tip of a peninsula, at a latitude of 15º S and a longitude of 41º E, hence the name. It is only a 20-minute boat ride from Ilha de Moçambique, the former Portuguese colonial capital of Mozambique.

Everything about Coral Lodge is modern, simple, and tasteful. The Dutch-inspired design incorporates the colors of the environment by using light wood with brightly-colored textures. Half of the lodge’s suites face the ocean, and half face the lagoon. We tend to prefer the ocean-facing villas for their panoramic views of the early sunrise.

Activities at Coral Lodge include diving, picnics on isolated beaches, relaxing by the pool, and kayaking or snorkeling in the lagoon in front of the property at high tide. We recommend their spa services and visiting the chef in the kitchen for a lesson in carving up freshly caught tuna and a taste of the freshest sashimi you will ever eat! The food and service at Coral Lodge are both excellent.

Overall we like Coral Lodge and think it is good value for money. It is also quite active with the local community and almost all of its employees come from the immediate area. A major bonus is that it’s one of the few beach properties in Mozambique that does not require a small plane to access. The only possible downsides are that the villas could be further apart and that low tide can make it quite a hike across the beach to your room from your boat excursion.