Apoka Lodge

Apoka Lodge is our favorite property in the remote northeastern corner of Uganda, in the Kidepo Valley National Park. Located atop of a picturesque kopje overlooking the Narus River Valley, Apoka is frequented by zebra, waterbuck, warthog, jackals, and buffalo. Kidepo boasts a healthy population of lion and elephant as well, making for exciting game drives and night drives. Birding is also a popular activity at Apoka.

The lodge itself consists of 10 cottages equipped with showers, outdoor baths, and private verandahs. We recommend staying at least 3 nights (if not longer) as it’s a remote location and there are enough activities to keep you well occupied. With a longer stay, you’ll have time to visit the Karamojong villages and take a guided hike in the canyons or on the savannah. There is also a lovely pool and the lodge is a great for just lounging about.

Our Favorite Kidepo Valley Accommodation on a Map

Apoka Lodge

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